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Sinocence + Bull-Riff Stampede + Psykosis + Bakken


This weekend past we had the honour of hooking up with some of the most like minded bands we could possibly wish to compile onto a (far too short) but worthwhile couple of shows in Ireland.  04/05/2014 saw Sinocence + Bull-riff Stampede + Psykosis + Bakken,  kick off in Dublin’s Fibber Magee’s (home ground of the aptly named Psykosis) then only to trade grounds and shift the entire metal affair to Belfasts Limelight 2 on 05/05/2014.  As Dublin proved to be a good warm up for all bands concerned; the larger venue, sound, audience and energy combined, made for a much more enthused and enjoyable performance for all involved.   All the above bands we would highly recommend you checking out if you have even a passing notion for diverse styles of the thrash genre.

A HUGE thanks to all involved this past weekend.  We appreciated all the hard work and professionaliam displayed from those who helped organise and execute the shows. \m/



Heres just one of the reviews from last weekends shows:



Also, we have added a few more shows in the up and coming months to the gigs page  and are also working hard on NGNM Vol 2.  We have quite a good idea were this album is heading at the minute and are all feeling inspired and excited about its completion – more on that in the upcoming months.


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We are also appearing on a compilation CD comprised for a highly worth wise cause.

Please follow the below link for more information on this. \m/

Well worth checking out!!!!!






Hammerfest SLOT TIME!!! …..Fun with Ray Haller (Sweet Savage!!) \m/

Hey guys,

Just checking in…..we are busy writing away for the 2nd installment of “No Gods, No Masters”. The writing is going great and theres a definate vibe happening with this one. Its slightly different for us but SIN all the way!!

A few gigs coming up….We’ll be playing at HAMMERFEST on FRI 14th of MARCH….we are opening up the FRI so looking forward to rattling a few skulls at that one haha!!!
12PM – 12.45PM……SET YOUR ALARMS !!!
We’ll also be doing a wee warm up gig in the Stiff Kitten, Belfast on FRI March 7th…..just to blow the froth of a few tracks ;)

There’s a few vids of us doing “Killing Time” with Ray Haller in the Ulster hall but this one def has the best audio! :) Cheers to Ray for coming down, playing and hanging out with us…unreal night for us!! :)

Stiff Kitten info muckers \m/ >< \m/...great line-up and just heard By Conquest or Consent have been added to the bill.....awesome!!

There yas go....will be back soon with more updates. More UK shows coming!! ;)

Cheers...the beys!

Sinocence Stiff Kitten gig



Dec update, ULSTER HALL footage!!

Hey everyone!!,

Its been a pretty busy couple of months in the Sin camp. Its now official and we are on the Hammerfest poster for next years event. Playing along side Overkill, C.O.C. and Kreator no less!! Thats going to be a blast. Hope as many of you a possible can make the trip over for what will be a fantastic weekend! We also played The ULSTER HALL a few weeks back and got some great footage and photos. It has long been a goal of every band we know from Northern Ireland to play that historical venue. Led Zeppilin debuted “Stairway to Heaven” there waaaaay back in the day. Metallica, AC/DC, Slayer,RHCP, Pantera, Judas Preist have all played there. Was nice to make a little local history with some amazing bands on the N.I. scene. Check out the video below…..a definate highlight for the band!!

For now we are fully in writing mode and we will be taking 2 months out to write material for “No Gods, No Masters” Vol2. Coming your way next year!! ;)

Here is the HAMMERFEST POSTER….G’wan the lads!!!! Just click on the poster to go through to the main Hammerfest webpage.

Will check in again soon to let you guys know how we are getting on.
\m/ >< \m/

Hammerfest 2014



Alright people….been awhile since our last update but we have been busy winning shit and working on the new album!! lol. We had a blast over at the Highway To Hell in Glasgow. Some amazing bands from all over the UK competing and we managed to bag ourselves the Hammerfest slot. The slot is primarily what we were after so very happy to get that. We will be playing with the likes of OVERKILL, KREATOR and C.O.C. next year! Congrats to The Screaming Eagles from N. Ireland for winning the whole thing, Well done lads!! To add to the good news we will be fulfilling a life long ambition to play THE ULSTER HALL in Belfast! This legendary venue is steeped in history and was the venue were LED ZEPPELIN debuted “Stairway to Heaven”. Very cool for us here in Belfast as we have grew up seeing bands like Metallica, Anthrax, Slayer, Megadeth, RHCP, The Cult and many more all play the hall. All positive at the minute and we have started work on “No Gods, No Masters” Vol 2 with loads of material for it! ALL GOOD PEOPLE!!! Will see you all at the ULSTER HALL!!! :)

Here is a link to a vid of us playing the Highway to Hell show in Scotland….10 min change over and kinda hard to hear up there but throughly enjoyed it! :)

Sinocence – Perfect Denial – Highway to Hell – Glasgow 2013



Hey everyone……its been pretty busy for us lately and we have launched the video for “Long Way Down”.  Blown away by the response!  Think we had like 3000 views in 3 days.  Pretty nuts and we apprecaited all the support and feedback we have received.  Cheers muckers!!!.  At the minute we are writing for Vol 2 and are gearing up for our appearances at the LES-FEST Festvial in Scotland! Can’t wait to play there and catch some class bands.  We’ll be doing an acoustic show and a heavy set on Sat.  All stage times and info can be found at


Sinocence – Long Way Down

Sinocence Promo Video “No Gods, No Masters Vol1″


Sinocence shoot video for “Long Way Down”, NEW Belfast LIVE Date!!!


Hi everyone…we’ve been pretty busy this month behind the scenes and have shot a video for our track ” LONG WAY DOWN”.  This is the first video we have shot in years and the day turned out great.  No to give to much away but it is a performance video and captures the band in fine form.  We’ve used a few iconic Belfast landmarks and have to give a shout out to Yellowfever Productions for making the video happen! Cheers Guys!!  (George Clarke) Producer.

In other news we have been getting some seriously good reviews in for the new cd “No Gods, No Masters” Vol 1….blown away with some of the feedback…just amazing….some of the links are included below…feel free to check them out! \m/




On the live from we have put together an amazing bill for our next Limelight show in Belfast.  Just click on the poster to follow through to the events page.  Super happy with the line-up for this. No one needed asking twice and this will surely be one hell of a gig!!!  See yas down the front!!!


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