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Hi everyone…welcome to the new Sin website!!

There has been alot going on recently and we’ve just had a flurry of gigs and recording within the last few weeks.  Writing is also well and truly underway for next year’s new release.  We also have our own studio now to write and record based in chez Moro which is a first.  We’ll get a few pics and vids up as we progress.  We took a short break from the writing to try out a few songs live and play with the mighty WARRIOR SOUL in Belfast.  Davy ripped a tendon in his hand at a Belfast gig two nights previous to the Dublin show with Warrior Soul so we unfortunately could not play that gig.  Against medical advice Davy strapped the hand and we were able to make the Belfast date which was a blast from start to finish!. Cheers to Rebels/Cheerleader and the Warrior Soul guys for totally rocking the place….what a great gig!!, so happy we made it.

The week before we took some time and went up Einstien Studios to demo 3 tracks with the master himself Frankie Mc Clay!  This was our first time back up there with Davy and we got some great work done….we’ll most likely stream a few tracks from that session to let you guys hear what going on.  One of the tracks “West of Eden” made its live debut two weeks ago in Belfast!  The link below will let you guys check it out.  1st time playing it so it didn’t go to bad!! \m/

We’ll be doing a few gigs in the run up to Xmas but the priority for us at the minute is to complete the writing for the new album…we have a about 5 or 6 tracks at the minute and bunch of stuff written to go through make this the album it needs to be…..keep your eyes peeled for more info!

Talk again soon \m/


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