About Sinocence

Sinocence are Ireland’s premier Metal act, based in Belfast, N Ireland. The long awaited new cd from Sinocence “No Gods, No Masters” Vol 1 is now available from the band direct and is already being heralded as “Ambitious & Awesome!” The band have been playing in a thriving Irish scene for over 12 years and have secured endorsements from Peavey and Trick Drums.

“I think this latest opus from Norn Iron’s Sinocence is just one step short of genius! And that is genuinely a word I do not use easily” Planet Mosh.


“It’s driving, wounded sounding and really quite an invigorating listen.  The riffs are excellent and surprisingly detailed, with each one spanning at least two or three variational phrases before repeating, (a trait which seemed to die after Carcass). It’s an album of depth of feeling with great production and better songwriting.”  Metal Ireland


“No Gods, No Masters stands up to scrutiny and unleashes five intense songs, riff heavy, metal as the proverbial fuck without descending into clichés….Ambitious so far? Yes. In a word: awesome!   This should have metal fans ready and primed for the next releases once they have the time and energy to digest Vol 1!”  Belfast MH United.
Previous album “Scar Obscura” is a veritable tour-de-force in vicious, hook-laden, melodic metal. Featuring 10 songs of raging metal anthems, “Scar Obscura” is a must for anybody with even a passing interest in heavy music.

With many bands taking on an abrasive screaming approach Sinocence continue to focus on their solid songwriting skills and intense rhythm section. What sets the band apart from their contemporaries however are the soaring and emotional vocals of frontman Gareth Morrow. The band in turn have stepped up to reinvigorate the dynamic energetic sound the public have come to expect from Sinocence. If ever there was a coming of age of a band this is most definitely it!

Being based in Northern Ireland, reaching any kind of musical status can be an exhausting task. Undeterred, Sinocence have gone from strength to strength with their collective drive, determination and cast iron will to succeed. As a self Financed act, the band have managed to lead a productive musical life and achieve worldwide distribution with Casket/Co-Pro, Rising and Metalbox Records.

On the live circuit Sinocence have been making one of the biggest noises in the Irish underground. With fans chanting their name in venues throughout the country the band forge ahead of others by consistently touring. Supporting some of the heavyweights such as Machine Head, BFMV, In Flames, Lacuna Coil, Soil and W.A.S.P. The band also secured tour support to Staind, Prong and Paradise Lost in Ireland. In tandem with this Sinocence also have gained slots at the UK festivals Bloodstock and headlined the 2nd stage at the Bulldog Bash.

With 2013 upon us Sinocence will continue to work hard to get the music out and deliver on the road…..see you all soon!


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